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$147 Million Price-Fixing Partial Settlement on Direct Purchases of Polyurethane Foam.
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Malkinson & Halpern, P.C. Announces $90 Million Potash Settlements

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MHPC Achieves $2 Million Settlement of Federal Whistleblower and Class Action Lawsuits.
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$575,000.00 on behalf of adult child for medical malpractice death of elderly mother whose hemodialysis port ruptured at her home.
$560,000.00 settlement of Wage/Hour Racial Discrimination Class Action on behalf of 36 government employees.
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Conduct Giving Rise to False Claims Act/Whistleblower Claims Includes:

  • Government Vendor or Contractor Misconduct:
    • Charges for goods and services not provided
    • Charges for goods and services not meeting specifications
    • Charges where the biller is not eligible under the contract or program
    • Failure to comply with the terms of a government contract or with government regulations
    • Padded and inflated bids
    • Big-rigging, kickbacks and corruption
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud by Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Drug Companies, Pharmacies, Doctors and Therapists who are:
    • Charging for services not provided
    • “Upcoding’ services to falsely increase reimbursement
    • Charging for unnecessary tests and services
    • Providing kickbacks for service referrals or use of particular drugs
    • Unbundling and charging separately for bundled services
    • Prescription switching to drugs with higher reimbursements
    • Off-label marketing of drugs for uses not yet approved by the FDA
  • Public Procurment/Construction/Disaster Relief/Defense Contractor Fraud, such as:
    • Inflated Bills
    • Big-rigging
    • Reporting inflated costs
    • Charging unallowable costs
    • Delivering defective and substandard goods and services
    • Violating important regulations and contract requirements
    • Use of sham minority/woman-owned businesses
    • Undisclosed conflicts of interest
    • Kickbacks, bribes and corruption
    • Accounting frauds
  • Research and Community Grant Fraud, arising from conduct such as:
    • Misrepresentation of eligibility or qualifications in grant application
    • False compliance reports
    • Violation of grant conditions
    • Misuse of funds
  • Government Loans & Guarantees, where the recipient renders:
    • False applications
    • False appraisals
    • Misuse of funds
    • False reports

PROTECTION AND SUCCESS UNDER THE ACT IS ONLY ACHIEVED BY TAKING VERY SPECIFIC STEPS.  Please contact a Malkinson & Halpern whistleblower/False Claims Act attorney now to be sure your rights and your potential reward are protected and preserved.

Insurance Fraud.
Under the Illinois Insurance Claims Fraud Prevention Act, interested persons may sue in the name of the state as a “relator” against anyone submitting fraudulent insurance claims. The defendant is liable for up to three times the insurance payment(s) and a $5,000 to $10,000 penalty for each claim. The relator can be awarded 30- 40% of the recovery.

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