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$147 Million Price-Fixing Partial Settlement on Direct Purchases of Polyurethane Foam.
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Malkinson & Halpern, P.C. Announces $90 Million Potash Settlements

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MHPC Achieves $2 Million Settlement of Federal Whistleblower and Class Action Lawsuits.
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$575,000.00 on behalf of adult child for medical malpractice death of elderly mother whose hemodialysis port ruptured at her home.
$560,000.00 settlement of Wage/Hour Racial Discrimination Class Action on behalf of 36 government employees.
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Malkinson & Halpern, P.C., operates as a boutique law firm providing personalized legal representation and services to select clients. Founding the firm in 1997, John R. Malkinson and Seth R. Halpern made the conscious decision to abandon the “large firm, corporate” approach to clients and to instead embrace the practice of treating the client as an integral part of the legal ”team”. “We wanted clients to know us and to know that at our firm, the client is number one,” says John R. Malkinson, the firm’s senior partner.

At Malkinson & Halpern, P.C., the client’s interests are the firm’s top priority. Establishing and maintaining client involvement and compassionate communication is the focal point of the firm’s longstanding history of excellent results and solid attorney-client relationships.

The firm is well regarded for its skilled Illinois Catastrophic Injury attorneys, Illinois Employment attorneys, Job Discrimination attorneys, Sexual Harassment attorneys, and its skill in the defense or prosecution of significant contract, business and other Complex Litigation. The goal at Malkinson & Halpern, P.C. is to provide the individualized attention and the results that each client requires and deserves.

Central to the firm’s success is also their penchant for prompt and thorough investigation, preserving crucial evidence, and locating and contacting key witnesses.

The firm has achieved significant results in its practice areas, including cases involving:

  • Catastrophic personal injury (automobile collisions, truck collisions, pedestrian accidents, dog bite injuries)
  • Wrongful death
  • Medical malpractice
  • Employment termination
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Job discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Breach of Contract
  • Joint Venture and other Business Disputes
The firm has also enjoyed success representing business clients, in the same personal manner, in antitrust lawsuits against members of national and international price-fixing cartels, helping to achieve numerous multi-million dollar recoveries on behalf of businesses that were being overcharged for supplies and materials. Examples of such cases can be viewed here.

Contact Malkinson & Halpern, P.C. for a free attorney consultation before you hire anyone else. Our attorneys will not only work hard for you, but will work with you, answering your questions and keeping you informed of significant developments throughout the representation.

If you seek an Illinois or Chicago-area truck collision, auto collision, wrongful death, employment, or complex contract or litigation attorney, contact the lawyers at Malkinson & Halpern, P.C.

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