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$147 Million Price-Fixing Partial Settlement on Direct Purchases of Polyurethane Foam.
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Malkinson & Halpern, P.C. Announces $90 Million Potash Settlements

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MHPC Achieves $2 Million Settlement of Federal Whistleblower and Class Action Lawsuits.
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$575,000.00 on behalf of adult child for medical malpractice death of elderly mother whose hemodialysis port ruptured at her home.
$560,000.00 settlement of Wage/Hour Racial Discrimination Class Action on behalf of 36 government employees.
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MHPC Settles Consumer Collection Class Action.

On November 5, 2008, Malkinson & Halpern, P.C. obtained preliminary federal court approval of a class action settlement on behalf consumer collection and federal student loan debtors whose debt payments were not timely credited by a collection law firm. The suit, brought against Teller Levit & Silvertrust, concerns more than 13 years of collection activities. Anyone whose consumer or student loan debts were collected upon by Teller at any time from May 31, 1995, to the present is eligible for benefits, including a cash payment of $58.50, plus interest. The settlement also provides for maintenance of a permanent injunction, directing the Teller firm as to the methods it must use in crediting class member payments and garnishments. For a copy of the Class Notice and Claim Form, click here.

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