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$147 Million Price-Fixing Partial Settlement on Direct Purchases of Polyurethane Foam.
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Malkinson & Halpern, P.C. Announces $90 Million Potash Settlements

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MHPC Achieves $2 Million Settlement of Federal Whistleblower and Class Action Lawsuits.
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$575,000.00 on behalf of adult child for medical malpractice death of elderly mother whose hemodialysis port ruptured at her home.
$560,000.00 settlement of Wage/Hour Racial Discrimination Class Action on behalf of 36 government employees.
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Pedestrian Collisions

The human body is no match for a machine. Those involved in a pedestrian accident or pedestrian collision often suffer catastrophic injuries. When selecting a pedestrian accident attorney, it is important not only to choose an experienced attorney, but to choose one who knows the law and will compassionately discuss your case and the strategies to succeed.

The attorneys at Malkinson & Halpern, P.C. understand the importance of communicating with their clients and, combined, have been compassionately representing pedestrian injury victims for over 50 years.

Distractions in and outside a vehicle, roadway obstructions, and driver oversight are often responsible for pedestrian accidents. Proving such facts, and opposing the defense of “pedestrian inattention” can entail hard-nosed investigation. Whether the occurrence took place in a crosswalk, on private property, or elsewhere, the pedestrian collision attorneys at Malkinson & Halpern know the law and will work hard to investigate the claim, discuss your options, and secure the needed evidence and witness support to succeed under the law.

To maximize results, the firm often uses experienced investigators to obtain witness statements before memories lag, and collision reconstruction experts to visit and measure the scene, examine the vehicle, assess traffic light signals, and scientifically support the clients’ claim against the responsible party.

Please contact Malkinson & Halpern, P.C. for a FREE attorney consultation before you hire anyone else on a pedestrian collision claim. The attorneys at Malkinson & Halpern will not only work hard for you, but will build a relationship and work with you to maximize your recovery under the law.

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